My Hopes.

     Today I woke up feeling more loved and appreciated than I ever have before. There's a strong sense of peace within me, knowing I'm right where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. The support from yesterday has even spilled into today and is continuing to make me smile. I am forever regretful to both the friends and strangers who have shown me such love.

While I am in this elated state, I will tell you my hopes for this next year.

My hopes for...

Paper Shores.

For me, it's an old song about being called to greater things and breaking promises I swore I'd keep. For you, I hope it brings you back to a time when you finally felt one door close and another open. I hope it ushers in closure and clarity in those areas, if you haven't gained that already.

My hopes for...


I'm not going to play modest and pretend I don't have high hopes for the upcoming year. In addition to planning on playing live shows again, I will continue to record and develop my sound. I hope to bring more of the euphoria and dreaminess you hear in Paper Shores through electronic element. But my biggest goal is to get back on stage and use my performance skills again.

And with that I'll continue my day, knowing that I'm not settling, and that there are beautiful people in this world worth sharing my art with.