The friends I think of in the dark-


I once had a friend with a fiery tongue

She blew sparks at the world, burning bridges down

If someone wasn’t right, they were wrong and we all had to bow

So she cut the thread and let me fall

I thought I was the one holding it


I once had a friend made of sunshine and muscle

She was friends with the river and taught me to smile

But her spirit was wounded and the religion won out

First she went, then I went, then we all fell down

I wonder if she’s sad for me as well.


I once had a friend, the first man to adore me

His hands were healing and music ran through his blood like a sea

His kindness was threatening to the boards on my soul

So I met his light with stones

Truth is I adored him, too.


I once had a friend with vibrations like an arrow

Always drawn back and ready to let go

The first to smoke, the first to joke, the first to help me make trouble

Eventually she let go of me as well

I guess it was inevitable.


I now have a friend with eyes for the stars

Wonder and safety are housed in his arms

But no matter how they came, no matter how they go

I think of them when the lights are off.

They were a part of me

I’ll die with their memories.