A Reflection On Power. A Thank You.

With Paper Shores having dropped in February, this is a story of its effects on my life three months later. 

I awoke one morning to find it was the middle of March, and something in my subconscious reminded me that my revenue for Paper Shores would be rolling in about now.

So in my sleepy state I rolled over to my phone, remembered my online distributors password, and saw a little number on the screen. I won't be telling how much it was, because the size of the number has no effect on the story, but I can say it was enough that I was surprised. 

I never realized the type of happiness that comes from making money off of your life's work until then. I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself and the people around me as I was in that one moment. I felt the blood rush through my toes, all the way to my fingertips gripping the phone and felt genuinely proud. I would later laugh at myself for getting misty eyed over such a small number, but in that moment I didn't care. It was the first income I've ever received after years of laboring, feeling like I'd failed, almost giving up, then starting all over again. And it felt amazing.

I've always believed in paying for the art you consume and supporting local artists and all that, but after that it holds a deeper meaning. This is how I want to make my living and how I want others to make theirs.

The next time you look to consume any art or media from everyone from Beyonce to the person playing on the street corner, remember the moment I just described. Everyday we have the opportunity to bring unspeakable joy to peoples lives, and that is some power we should take very seriously. 

Thank you to everyone who has bought the song, shared it, streamed it, and continues to do so.

You are beautiful souls.